Got Any Questions?
1 Why Do People Delay Estate Planning?
Don’t like to think about death

Uncomfortable with legal terminology

No hard/fast “deadline”

It’s not a lot of fun!

Average person is not real fond of lawyers

Perception of massive amounts of paperwork

You won’t live to see the benefits of planning

Could arouse negatively feelings

Perceived as a daunting task

“Live for the Moment” mentality

Procrastination from guilt for not having done an estate plan earlier in our lives
2 What motivates us to start and complete estate planning?
Recently, COVID or some pandemic concern

End of my life perceived as imminent

Leave a legacy

Peace of mind
3 How Do I Choose A Trustee?
Due Diligence (Ask a lot of questions)

Are you comfortable with the representative?

Do they listen?

Do they seem knowledgeable?

Do they reference the Trust and Probate laws in New Mexico?
4 What Questions Do I Ask of the Trustee?
How long have you been in business or served in a fiduciary capacity?

How would you handle my estate if I was incapacitated?

How would you handle my estate if, I have passed away?

Who regulates your company?

Who serves on our Board of Directors?

What kind of fiduciary insurance do you carry?

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